Why Are Car Models Released Ahead of the Calendar Year?

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Have you ever wondered why a new vehicle model is released ahead of the calendar year?

It can seem odd that a model release doesn't match up with the current year. Somehow car dealerships are already stocked with new Chevy cars for sale in Cody a year prior. 

Today, we explain why the world of auto manufacturing works this way, plus letting you know you can save thousands on remaining 2018 cars, trucks, and SUVs for sale Cody!

The Historic Origin of the Model Year Release

A new model year release is normally out of sync with the calendar year. The reason dates back to the mid-1930s. 

Franklin D. Roosevelt signed an executive order that required automotive makers to release new vehicle models in the fall of the preceding calendar year. This order came into play to help assembly-line employees maintain employment through the holiday season, and avoid a break from work due to the shift to a new model. 

Today, new models continue to be released ahead of the calendar year. Due to Environmental Protection Agency rules, an automaker can introduce a new model as early as January 2 of the year before—meaning, a 2019 Buick, GMC, or Chevy model can go on sale as early as January 2, 2018. Under these rules, the automaker may also wait up until the last day of year to introduce and release a new vehicle. 

In addition to the historic origin, an auto manufacturer will also update vehicles based the ongoing model cycle. A model cycle is the amount of time between major vehicle designs. Every four to six years, new vehicle models are fully redesigned with the occasional cycle lasting more than six years. 

Between cycles, vehicles are often given style and/or technology updates to remain competitive and modern with each upcoming year. Usually updates are made to the headlights, bumpers, wheel designs, paint colors, and technological features. 

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